Weekly Clubs for ages 4-19.

Tried climbing and now want to learn more? We operate weekly climbing clubs and sessions for aspiring young climbers from beginner to expert level.

Big Rock is an accredited Primary Centre for NICAS and NIBAS (the National Indoor Climbing and Bouldering Award Schemes) delivering the nationally recognised courses to anyone from age 7. The schemes feature 5 levels of increasing technical skill and knowledge and provide structure and motivation for young climbers to develop their skills, in addition to having their achievements recognised by a national body.

Humans have been climbing things to escape from wolves and other scary stuff for thousands of years so don’t let modern life suppress your natural instinct to climb!

  • A great way to prove that exercise is actually really exciting!
  • Weekly clubs for climbers of all abilities and all ages from 4-19.
  • All sessions fully supervised by qualified climbing instructors.
  • Sense of accomplishment and self-confidence at every level.
  • Develops movement, balance and co-ordination skills.
  • Enhances concentration and strengthens mental resolve.
  • Develops team work, communication skills and trust in others.

Monkeys ages 4-7.

Give your little monkey the opportunity to explore his or her natural instinct to climb! Crazy Monkey Club offers an exciting introduction to Big Rock and is a great way for younger children to get started and progress. We’ll help your little monkey scale our colour-coded climbs to experience the exhilaration of climbing high and the unbeatable feeling of reaching the top!

Crazy Monkey Club is suitable for children age 4-7 and consists of blocks of weekly 1 hour 30 minute sessions with each block starting at the beginning of each school half term. Advance booking is required to secure a place prior to the start of the first session and payment is required for a complete half-term in advance.

Alternatively, children age 5+ can enrol on our Kids Climb sessions – these can be booked as individual sessions.

Crazy Monkey Club (age 4-7)

£14/ session
  • Learn and progress with fun weekly sessions
  • 6 week course
    £84 total per person


£17/ person
  • Get started with this fun and exciting 1 hour 30 minute introduction to indoor climbing.
  • Weekends & School Holidays

Rockhoppers ages 7-16.

These weekly clubs allow young climbers to work through the NICAS program and are suitable for all levels of ability including complete beginners.

Rockhoppers consists of 3 foundation levels (Foundation 1, 2 & 3) each of which typically takes 6 weeks to complete. Young climbers progressing beyond the Foundation levels are then invited to join our weekly Rockhopper Clubs (split into Juniors age 7-11 and Seniors age 11-16).

The 6 week programs include weekly 1 hour 30 minute sessions with each program starting at the beginning of each school half term. Advance booking is required to secure a place prior to the start of the first session and payment is required for a complete half-term in advance. Occasionally, weekend courses run into school holidays. In this instance, missed sessions cannot be refunded or exchanged for credit.

Rockhopper: Foundation 1

£14/ session
  • The entry level Rockhopper is the best way for youngsters to get started with indoor climbing at Big Rock!
  • 6 week course
  • £84 total per person

Prior to children attending any of our Rockhopper sessions, parents/guardians must complete a consent form. Please complete a new form if any details have changed since you last completed the form.


We also run additional Open Sessions during school holidays for young climbers hoping to gain more climbing time and improve their climbing skills.

Rockhopper Bouldering Club

£14/ person
  • Unroped climbing for experienced young climbers who have completed the Foundation and Belayer programmes.
  • Every week throughout the year.

Rockhopper Open Sessions

£14/ person
  • School holiday climbing sessions for young climbers working towards Rockhopper Foundation, 1 or a higher level.
  • Run during school holidays only.

Rockhopper Social Sessions

£14/ person
  • For more experienced young climbers who have completed the Rockhopper Foundation and Belayer programmes.
  • Every week throughout the year.

15-19 Learn to Climb.

15-19 Learn to Climb runs every Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Beginners and less experienced climbers can join 15-19 Learn to Climb and will be taught the fundamentals of climbing, working towards being signed off as competent unsupervised climbers. These instructed sessions will be continually assessed with participants having to take part in at least 4 sessions and be over 16 prior to being considered for unsupervised climbing.

More experienced climbers who have already been signed off as unsupervised members of Big Rock will be able to climb together during 15-19 Climbing sessions, run at the same times as 15-19 Learn to Climb.


£15/ session
  • For beginners and less experienced climbers. Equipment hire included.
  • Every week throughout the year.

15-19 Climbing

from £720/ session
  • For more experienced climbers.
    Standard entry rates apply.
  • Every week throughout the year.

NICAS National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme.

NICAS comprises of 5 different levels of award aimed at complete novices to expert climbers. The aims of the scheme are:

  • To develop climbing movement skills and improve levels of ability.

  • To teach climbing rope-work and how to use equipment appropriately.

  • To develop risk assessment and risk management skills in the sport.

  • To work as a team, communicate with, and trust a climbing partner.

  • To provide structure for development, motivation and improved performance.

  • To develop an understanding of the sport, it’s history and future challenges.

  • To provides a record of personal achievement.

  • To point the way to further disciplines and challenges beyond the scheme.

The scheme is split into two parts and takes a minimum of 100 hours to complete in its entirety.

Part 1 contains levels 1 and 2 and Part 2 contains Levels 3 to 5. Upon registering with an Awarding Centre candidates receive a log booklet for Part 1 and a log folder for Part 2.

After achieving each level they are awarded with a certificate.

An entry level aimed at novices that recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision.
Aimed at promoting good practice in climbing and bouldering on an artificial wall.
A more advanced top roping and bouldering level that focuses on developing technique and movement skills.
Concentrates on the skills required to both lead climb and belay a lead climber.
The top level focuses on improving performance, a deeper understanding of climbing systems and the wider world of climbing.