Setting at Big Rock

Our climbing is designed around progression and provides a pathway from your very first experience to elite performance. No matter what the grade, our climbs are created to be fun and engaging while helping you build on your skills to progress through the grades.

Routes at Big Rock are graded using the French (Sport) grading system. Our routes start at 3 and increase numerically. As the difficulty increases the grades become more fine-tuned with the addition of a, b, and c from 4 upwards, and the addition of + to the letters above 6a. The grade will be indicated at the start of each route.

Our bouldering problems, or blocs, are graded using the V (or Heuco) scale. Starting at VB, the scale then uses V and a number increasing from 0 to denote the difficulty of the bloc. Each bloc is part of a circuit with a grade band, indicated by the tag at the start of each bloc.

If you’re already familiar with a different grading system, the ROCKFAX website has a handy grade conversion chart.