The Big Rock Winter Boulder Series returns for another season, starting on Monday 1st October with a new scoring system and Cup/Shield categories for 2018.

What is it?

A fun series of informal competitions open to climbers of all ages and abilities with 5 rounds each lasting around 2 weeks and a series final on 9th March. Everyone taking part will also have the opportunity to win cash prizes… at the end of each round all score cards will be raffled with the first random draw winning £30 and the second £10.

You don’t need to be a climbing pro to take part – the series includes problems of every grade and taking part is an awesome way to increase motivation for your climbing sessions as you try to complete as many of the competition problems as you can. Get involved!

Series dates.

Round 101 October14 OctoberHub, Kingston
Round 205 November18 NovemberBond, Bletchley
Round 303 December16 DecemberHub, Kingston
Round 407 January20 JanuaryHub, Kingston
Round 504 February17 FebruaryBond, Bletchley
Series Final9 MarchBond, Bletchley

How does it work?

Scorecards for each round can be purchased from reception for £2.00. Rounds 1-5 feature 40 problems covering all grades and you have until the end of each round to complete as many of the problems as possible.

Each problem included in the series is given a number, displayed next to the starting holds. If you successfully climb a problem or just make a zone, place your score next to the relevant problem number on your score card, then go and try another problem!

The score you receive for each problem is dependent on the number of attempts required to successfully complete the problem: 3pts for a flash (first try) ascent, 2pts for a top (successful ascent in multiple tries) or 1pt for a zone (if you don’t make the top but you reach the zone hold).

Your best 3 scores from each of the 5 rounds will be added to create your overall series score. Please remember that your scorecard for each round must be submitted to reception by the end of each round, otherwise we can’t record your points!

The Final.

Cup Category. For all competitors. At the end of the 5 rounds, the top 4 males and 4 females with the highest overall series scores will be invited to take part in the Cup Final at Big Rock Bond on 9th March.

Shield Category. For competitors with an overall series score under a pre-determined cut-off. The cut-off point has been set but will not be released publicly until Round 5 has ended. The top 4 males and 4 females with the highest scores under the cut-off point will be invited to the Shield Final also being held on the 9th March at Bond.

The final will consist of a 20 bloc tour for anyone to enter and have another chance to win the raffle cash prizes. The Shield final will then take place followed by the Cup final, with the person who tops the most problems in the least attempts crowned champion for each category.