The Big Rock Summer Leading Series is back for 2019 with Round 1 starting at Big Rock Hub on Sunday 19th May. Featuring new Cup/Shield categories for this season, the Series includes 4 rounds of 25 routes each, culminating in a Series Final on Friday 31st August.

Series dates.

Round 119th May9th JuneHub, Kingston
Round 210th June30th JuneBond, Bletchley
Round 38th July28th JulyBond, Bletchley
Round 45th August25th AugustHub, Kingston
Series Final31st AugustBond, Bletchley

How does it work?

Each of the 4 rounds will include 25 routes from F4a to F8a, with each route identified by a number displayed next to the starting holds. You will have until the end of each round to complete as many of the 25 routes as possible. You will be awarded 2 points for every route climbed, with an additional 1 point bonus for a first try ascent (onsight/flash), giving a maximum possible score of 75 points per round. Your best 3 scores from each of the 4 rounds will be added to create your overall series score.

Each route can be attempted as many times as you like but must be climbed ‘clean’ (no resting or using aid) from the starting holds to successfully clipping the belay from the last hold (grabbing the top of the wall is ‘out’) to qualify as a successful ascent. If you successfully climb a route, add 2 points (multiple tries) or 3 points (first try ascent) on your score card next to the relevant route number, then go and try a harder route!

You can get started by purchasing a scorecard for each Round from reception for £2.00 – this also qualifies you for raffle entry… after each round we’ll be having a scorecard raffle with £30 awarded to the first draw, and £10 for the second, so anyone taking part in the Series can win a prize!

The Final.

Cup Category. For all competitors. At the end of the 4 rounds, the top 4 males and 4 females with the highest overall Series scores will be invited to take part in the Cup Final at Big Rock Bond on 31st August.

Shield Category. For competitors with an overall series score under a pre-determined cut-off. The cut-off point has been set in advance but will not be released publicly until Round 4 has ended. The top 4 males and 4 females with the highest scores under the cut-off point will be invited to the Shield Final also being held on 31st August at Bond.

It’s a day for all Series competitors and regular climbers too, with a 20 bloc competition circuit for anyone to enter with another chance to win the raffle cash prizes. The Shield final will take place first followed by the Cup final, with prizes for both finals and the raffle draw to be presented after the climbing has concluded. Starting times for all final events will be released at a later date.