Improving at climbing isn’t just about strength and body conditioning, it’s also about learning new skills and techniques so that you can use your body more efficiently. If you want to improve faster, our Skills Workshops will help you get the most out of your climbing and will help you to access climbs and areas at Big Rock that have previously been unattainable too.

  • 1-2 hour workshops with different levels.
  • £25 / person + entry fee*.

*You will also need to pay our standard DAY PASS fee unless you hold a 10-Entry Pass or Unlimited Membership. Climbers with 10-Entry Passes will have a single entry deducted. Climbers with Unlimited Membership can attend for the prices listed here – no entry fee is payable.

The workshops are suitable for registered members aged 18+ and introduce the concept of using coaching to improve your overall climbing ability and accelerate progression. If you’ve recently started out or if you’re feeling stuck with progress and you want to improve, sign up here!

Duration: 2 hrs
Student/Instructor Ratio: 6:1 max
Type of session: Bouldering (skills covered are applicable to routes & boulders)
Aimed at: Climbers targeting 6a routes and/or V2 boulders.
Description: This introductory workshop covers the fundamentals of climbing movement and introduces the concept of using climbing coaching to accelerate progression with the sport. Topics covered include: how to use technique to make climbs easier, how to place your feet to optimise balance, and how to climb steeper terrain and overhangs efficiently.

Duration: 1.5 hrs
Student/Instructor Ratio: 4:1 max
Type of session: Bouldering (skills covered are applicable to routes & boulders)
Aimed at: Climbers targeting 6b routes and/or V3 boulders.
Description: For climbers who have completed Movement & Technique Level 1 (Core Skills) or who have been climbing frequently for the last 6-12 months, our Level 2 workshops expand on the climbing movement topics taught in Level 1 with a choice of  7 different topics to help you progress further:

– Route reading.
– Dynamic movement.
– Advanced footwork.
– Hold types and how to use them.
– Advanced overhang techniques.
– Crack Climbing.
– Basic training and structuring your session.

Duration: 1 hr
Student/Instructor Ratio: 2:1*
Type of climbing: Roped
Aimed at: Competent lead climbers and belayers.
Description: These workshops offer more experienced climbers the opportunity to further develop and improve lead climbing skills, including lead climbing belaying. The sessions are client lead with popular topics including: overcoming fear of falling, catching bigger falls safely and improving your performance. These are just a few of the topics that can be covered, and you are welcome to attend as many workshops as you like.
*We recommend booking for 2 people to get the most out of this workshop. This allows participants to develop both climbing and belaying skills.


Still unsure? Read what our customers are writing about us!

I go to Big Rock most weeks. There is something for everyone no matter how experienced or if it’s just for a fun trip out. A few weeks ago, I had a coaching session which was great. Somehow, when my instructor explained how to overcome a problem, it just all fell into place and I was left wondering why I did not think of that. I’m hoping to arrange more coaching sessions in the future, but no matter what, I’ll be going to the wall as often as I can.

Source: TripAdvisor

In a conversation with a friend I said I enjoy climbing but it’s surprisingly hard work. He said ‘Yes, because you’re doing it wrong’. And he was right. A coaching session is a brilliant starting point to get some idea of where to start and some basics to practice and build on. Honestly, I’m amazing what a difference it makes. The Instructor was friendly, fun and informative. It was obvious he knew what he was talking about by the way he effortlessly glided up the walls when demonstrating. Very useful.

Source: TripAdvisor