Learn to Climb at Big Rock in Milton Keynes

Get the buzz from reaching the top!

Looking for a low impact, engaging workout that you can try on your own, with you friends or even with your kids? You’ve just found it. For many people roped climbing is the most exciting aspect of indoor climbing since it provides the enjoyment of climbing movement with the exhilaration of climbing high. It’s a great way to keep in shape without actually feeling like you’re doing exercise, giving you a full body workout at a level specific to your ability.

Unlike low-level bouldering where the focus is more on athletic movement, roped climbing provides a more subtle workout with the emphasis on endurance rather than strength. It may not be as physically demanding as bouldering, but climbing high up the walls does introduce a psychological aspect which must be mastered to succeed! It’s also a great stress buster since it requires you to focus your mind entirely on your body movements.

Roped climbing does require rope management climbing skills to keep you safe and it is essential that you understand and are fully competent in the correct techniques required to safely manage the risks involved. All newcomers to roped climbing must undergo instruction, but once you complete this you’ll be able to use the roped climbing areas and the bouldering areas at Big Rock.

Tempted? Get started with one of our Learn to Climb Courses!

  • Learn to Climb Course (min. age 18) £95 per person. Includes a 2 hour session at the same time every week over four weeks.

  • Private Learn to Climb Course (min. age 18) £25 per person per session at times and dates to suit you. (At least 4 x 1.5-hour sessions required to complete the course. Minimum 2 people, maximum 4.)

  • Private Family Learn to Climb Course (min. age 7) £25 per person per session at times and dates to suit you. (At least 4 x 1.5 hour sessions required to complete the course. Minimum 2 people, maximum 6.)

Got a question? Find the answer here.

Yes. Book onto a Learn to Climb Course and we’ll get you started. Climbing at Big Rock is very sociable and a great way to meet new people. Roped climbing does require a partner to keep you safe, but once you have completed your course, we run social climbing sessions every week that will offer you the chance to meet up with other climbers.

Advance booking is required for Learn to Climb Courses and can be done using our simple to use online booking system. Our booking system operates in real time so you can check current availability and select any available session.

No. Unlike regular gyms, Big Rock is operated on a pay as you go basis. You don’t need to sign up to any contracts to use the centre, and once you have completed your Learn to Climb Course, you can use Big Rock at any time upon payment of our standard day pass fee – see our current rates HERE. On completion of a Learnt to Climb course we’ll also give you one month of free unlimited climbing!

Fear of heights is very natural and it is what makes climbing so safe. Climbing is all about controlling this fear and your instructors will be sensitive to this. With the help of your instructor, take things step by step and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Climbing is easier if you are wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Jeans, combat trousers or tracksuit bottoms combined with a short sleeved t-shirt or vest are ideal. It is also a good idea to bring a jumper for wearing when resting. Avoid wearing jewellery around your arms or hands.