If you are serious about taking your climbing to the next level, you’ll be interested in our new Lattice Board facility at Big Rock Bond, with assessments now available to book on our website HERE.

“The Lattice board is by far the best tool I have used for both coaches and athletes alike, I would expect the Lattice Board to become the industry standard.”
Steve McClure, UK’s Top Climber

So how does it work? During a Lattice assessment, you will spend 2 hours with a Lattice accredited coach who will observe your climbing and put you through Lattice’s carefully designed testing protocol.

Your assessment data will be submitted to Lattice for analysis and once processed, your coach will be able to tell you exactly what your current potential grade should be based on your assessment data and how you can optimise your climbing in the future by focusing on key areas of improvement.

The power behind Lattice’s assessment methodology is data driven performance profiling: where other methods rely on intuition and gut feeling to provide you with feedback, Lattice uses rigorous statistical techniques to measure the key aspects of your physical climbing performance.

Interested in finding out more or booking an assessment?