Lattice Training at Big Rock in Milton Keynes

Data driven performance profiling & coaching for climbers.

Are you serious about taking your climbing to the next level? The Lattice Board is climbing’s first dedicated performance analysis tool to be supported by a database of climbers’ results and a robust analysis package. With the Lattice Board, your coach can complete a performance profiling test for you to collect objective performance data, process the results in Lattice’s analysis software and then use this information to influence your future training direction.

“The Lattice board is by far the best tool I have used for both coaches and athletes alike, I would expect the Lattice Board to become the industry standard.”
Steve McClure, UK’s Top Climber

A Lattice assessment will tell you exactly what your current potential grade should be based on your assessment data and how you should focus your climbing in order to achieve your desired grade. The power behind the assessment is the data that Lattice has collected from over a thousand hours of assessments. Where other methods have to rely on intuition and gut feeling to provide you with feedback, Lattice has the depth of data to be able to use rigorous statistical techniques.

You can find out more about Lattice Coaching &Training, including training articles, podcasts and videos on the Lattice website WWW.LATTICETRAINING.COM.

Lattice Board Assessment.

Lattice assessments are necessarily physically intense and, as such, an assessment may not be appropriate at an early stage in your climbing. This is to minimise the risk of injury. The Lattice Board at Big Rock Bond is angled at 20 degrees and is recommended for climbers operating within the following grade ranges: 6c to 8b for routes and/or V3 to V8 for bouldering.

Lattice Assessment

£120/ person
  • 2 hour assessment

During a Lattice assessment, you will spend 2 hours with a Lattice Accredited coach who will observe your climbing and put you through Lattice’s carefully designed testing protocol to measure:

  • Maximal grip strength.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

  • Aerobic power (or power endurance).

  • Movement economy and climbing pace.
  • Climbing specific muscle function.

Your data will then be securely sent to Lattice so that your performance can be analysed against the huge database of existing Lattice assessments.

Once your data has been processed (this takes ~1 week), your Lattice accredited coach will then combine your objective performance measures with their personal assessment of your climbing to provide you with in-depth, personalised feedback about your climbing performance.

At the end of the process, you will have the information required to optimise your climbing.

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We know that Lattice training plans and coaching deliver results, but that’s easy for us to say! We want to share some of the success stories from Lattice’s clients so that you can read it in their own words.

After a year working with lattice I feel in the best shape of climbing life! The training is not the stereotypical training that you would expect for bouldering; there has been a lot of conditioning of the body and fingers and plenty of fitness work but not as much focus on maximal climbing. At first I was a bit dubious but it seems to be working really well. I have much better day fitness meaning I can have more goes on my projects or just climb a lot more problems each day and after a good rest period my top end maximum has definitely improved too.

Dave Mason, V14 Beast

I have worked with Lattice for over 2 years now. In that time i have made huge improvements in my climbing, from redpointing 7c+ to redpointing 8b+. Both Tom and Ollie are amazing coaches who offer a fantastic service. Without lattice i would not have climbed anywhere near as hard or as well as i have done and i am hugely grateful for the time and effort that has been put in to me as a climber. In short terms, working with Lattice is pretty mint.

Sammy Oakes, GB Climbing Team

You guys are great but the thing that makes you so awesome is your attention to detail, responsiveness to questions and positive feedback. I’m feeling really successful working with you guys. The combination of the detailed assessment/analysis resulting in/outlining very clear goals to shore up weaknesses and the personal attention via email has been rad!

Kim McCallum

I really appreciate the attention you pay to my personal situation and my specific goals, it’s really inspires confidence in the plan, I can be sure I’m doing the right work to get closer to my goals.

Dan Verge