Kids Climbing at Big Rock in Milton Keynes

Looking for a new exciting challenge?

If you’re looking for something new and exciting… then you have to try this! Our massive indoor climbing arenas feature hundreds of different color-coded climbs, from easy challenges for anyone new to Big Rock, to mega hard climbs designed to test future climbing champions! Our climbing is designed to be fun for everyone and it doesn’t matter what your ability is since the satisfaction from reaching the top is the same whatever your level.

It’s an awesome and motivating way to exercise because something this fun just doesn’t feel like exercise! Try it regularly and you’ll enhance your movement, balance, team-work, and communication skills. And in addition to the physical challenge, climbing also gives you a mental workout, requiring concentration, problem-solving abilities, and tenacity to succeed.

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If you’ve never tried indoor climbing before, our private instructed sessions are a great introduction, and because the booking is private, you can keep to your own bubble. Simply choose an appropriate session from those listed on this page. All equipment is provided and our qualified instructors will guide you through the skills and techniques required to keep you safe during your first steps off the ground.

Advance booking is required for all our starter sessions and courses, and can be done using our simple to use website booking system. Our booking system operates in real time so that you can select your preferred starter option, check current availability and select an available date and time slot. Scroll down this page and you’ll be able to view all our starter options.

Fear of heights is very natural and it is what makes climbing so safe. Climbing is all about controlling this fear and your instructors will be sensitive to this. With the help of your instructor, take things step by step and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Climbing is much easier if you are wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Jeans, combat trousers or tracksuit bottoms combined with a short sleeved t-shirt or vest are ideal. It is also a good idea to bring a jumper for wearing when resting. Avoid wearing jewellery around your arms or hands.

No. Visiting with friends or family but not climbing, or just fancy having a look around? Spectators are free to relax in the seating area overlooking the climbing walls and can enjoy a selection of drinks, snacks and meals from our café. Spectators must not enter the designated climbing areas.